Endometriosis: Struggling with Chronic Pain and the Diet That Gave Me Relief

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Hair Tutorial: Romantic Braid and Pouf Hairstyle

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Last week I posted this hairstyle in my stories and I got a ton of requests for a tutorial on it. I’m glad you guys liked it and I am happy to show you how to do it! This is actually not a very complicated hairstyle to do. Let’s get started.

Note: You will notice I use a hair styling tool called “hot sticks”. These are my go-to styling tool for any kind of vintage hairstyling. They are great for creating hairstyles from the 1700’s all the way through the 1940s. They are little rubber rods that you wrap your hair around and attach together at the ends. They create very tight curls and a ton of body in the hair. If your hair does not hold curl well, these are a great styling tool. If you have any interest in vintage hairstyling, I definitely suggest buying some hot sticks. You can get them from Babyliss or Conair. I use the Babyliss Hot Sticks here. I like these better than the Conair hot sticks because the Babyliss has 20 rather than 14 rollers. I have hair that doesn’t hold curl well, so the more rollers the better for me. When you plug hot rollers in, allow at least 15 minutes for them to get hot.

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