Endometriosis: Struggling with Chronic Pain and the Diet That Gave Me Relief

Disclaimer: I am not certified to give medical advice in any way, shape or form and that is the furthest thing from my intent with this post. I am just speaking to my personal experience living with …

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Five Fashion Films You Might Not Have Seen Before


Hi guys!

I just took some time off after having surgery two weeks ago to recover. I thought some down time might be nice and relaxing, but trust me, after two days in bed, I was dying to get back to work. This period of mandatory rest came to me during a time that I have been feeling extremely creative. My mind has been completely immersed in fashion and all I wanted to do while I was healing up was style and shoot. Not being able to do this, I decided to binge fashion movies to keep my creative juices flowing.

It’s a real shame there aren’t more movies about the fashion industry than there are. There are plenty of fashion documentaries but not so many plot based movies about fashion. I decided to seek out a few of my old reliable favorite films for fashion inspiration, and I also found one that was new to me too. I’m sure a lot of you have seen a few on this list, but if you haven’t,  check them out and let me know how you enjoyed them. I binged these fashion movies all in a two week span. It was great fun and creative fuel.

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