Endometriosis: Struggling with Chronic Pain and the Diet That Gave Me Relief

Disclaimer: I am not certified to give medical advice in any way, shape or form and that is the furthest thing from my intent with this post. I am just speaking to my personal experience living with …

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Our Favorite Fragrances as Chosen by Jeff and Me


When Jeff and I were first dating, we quickly bonded over our passion for the wonderful world of fragrance. I remember fondly on one of our first trips together how we ended up in a Barney’s for what seemed like an eternity sampling and comparing notes on almost every cologne or perfume in the store. It’s something we find ourselves doing a lot while shopping or traveling. Whenever we travel to a new city, finding a few spots to discover new fragrances ranks almost as high as jotting down restaurants or vintage shops.

I’ve always felt that having a collection of signature scents can fit perfectly right alongside your personal style, and also provide a positive boost to your mood. Like fresh coffee in the morning or freshly cut grass, a fragrance has a way of waking up your senses and adding a little spark to your day. Chosen correctly, it can do that for others too. Who doesn’t like receiving a compliment on what perfume or cologne you’re wearing? It’s how you know when you have a good one!

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